Recycled Wood Furniture

Recycled Wood Furniture, our furniture specialists using only recycled old wood, mango wood, ironwood, hardwood, rosewood and other tamarind wood used to make the old houses of that time, hundreds of years ago.
now the progress of time will eventually divert the use of wood to make their new home, the modernization of man is no longer using this wood to make their home, this is our motivation to recycle their old homes used wood to make into furniture. The main reason we are having an old wood is very high artistic value and save the history and also the kind of old wood that we will not get in today.

with this we create a more eco-friendly furniture products. just to show the world that beautiful furniture not only from new wood cutting them for personal needs, hopes to create a strong go green in our living.

The First Step , we’re buying a traditional old house and scrap wood as raw material for making our Recycled Wood Furniture.

old house old house wood recycled wood

Second step, we will detail the selection of materials to be ready assembled furniture, our choice of wood is wood that has a great quality of, free of pests, not fragile and all-weather resistant. This election will take a long time, because it requires high concentrations of splitting wood for house demolition be ready raft components.

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the final results of assembly will be a variety of beautiful finishing with an interesting dye as darkwood, whitewash, rustic, natural and unfinished.etc

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