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Gogreen Multitrading Furniture, is Indonesian premium furniture manufacturer and export trading company, based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. we are manufacturer of product old window Shutters based in jepara indonesia, get the special price today!

Recycled Old Window Shutters, we are the largest supplier of old windows shutters in Java Indonesia. because this
old window shutter is the original product of the former Javanese traditional house.

basically we are craftsmen reclaimed teak furniture and reclaimed wood furniture, to complement our raw materials
we purchase a traditional Javanese house that has not been used, then we unloading and our selection based on the
type of wood and its function each side.

the results of the sellections we can classify the types of wood that have the potential for reclaimed teak and
reclaimed wooden (non teak) then to be process into furniture, such as dining table, chairs, benches, rack,
console, cabinet, almoire, bedside, tv cabinet.etc

of all the buildings either side of the former home of recycling can be furniture, but only one part that can not
be changed in shape, it is windows shutters, therefore we collected it special shutters for decoration. and the
original is without re-touch of the artisan knife. this is what makes this unique window shutters. not able to
collect the windows shutters because just only get a maximum of 6 pcs in one house demolition.

However, Not for us!
to get items Old windows Shutters is not difficult for us. because we have decades of work to cultivate this.
whatever we need your shutter windows will fulfill. OR original windows shutters custom made shutters with new
windows reclaimed woods.

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Old window javanese house

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