Recycled Old Door Furniture

Recycled Old Door Furniture , used from old door house in traditional house we can make this furniture.

When it involves remodelling our homes, notwithstanding aiming for a a lot of “rustic” or “worn” look, we frequently address ready-made, mass created furnishings and décor which will be picked up at our native stores and markets. however with a bit imagination Associate in Nursingd one thing as simply on the market and as low-cost as an recent door, you may produce a shocking and distinctive feature piece for your home that friends and family ar absolute to be jealous of. Recycled Old Door Furniture such us dining table furniture, bench and other accessories furniture.

old door1

Old Door Material from Old traditional house.

with our great skill, we can made furniture, view our collection here,

the collection is shown is some of picture, for more catalog please contact us email

Our Collections:

this old doors wood material can also make wall decor.