Boat Recycled Furniture

sideboard boatwood - RBF.02

sideboard boatwood – RBF.02

Recycled Boat furniture ,using recycled boatwood from shipwreck a traditional Indonesian fishermen will be used to make furniture. resultan and variety of wood textures will create a unique value on each side. erosion timber ships can not be made ​​by a human hand with any method of finishing as well, because this is a natural process. hardwood species that only exist in the centuries-old ship will not make it brittle wood. That’s the main reason we use this to change the timber ship functions into furniture. including: Chairs, Benches, buffet, sideboard, bookcase, dining table, stools, beds. etc This was our offerings to create eco-friendly furniture for saving go green for Earth.

from using recycled boat wood materials, we can selected make a material furniture.

of the complexity of timber ships of various shapes and sizes will be processed into raw materials ready to raft, to begin assembling with high precision and skill we started to design, construct with handmade processing to be beautiful furniture.

at the Finished process;
it’s time to apply it to my imagination to create beauty, with the final touch we will coat with a soft material and diverse, so it will create the beauty and softness on each side, wow this is the Recycled Boat furniture

Gogreen furniture indonesia is the biggest of exporter recycled boat furniture based in jepara Indonesia, Our products are widely distributed in USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and some countries in the middle east.

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