Gogreen Multitrading Furniture, is Indonesian premium furniture manufacturer and export trading company, based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. was founded in 2005 by team of professionals with more than 18 years of experience in the Industry in Indonesia. It began as a Distributor of High quality furniture exporting world-wide.Today, with our manufacturing capabilities to produce our own design

ns and customer make for customers around the world. Our market has grown from Australia, Asia to USA and Europe as our largest buyers.Our higher objective is to continuously create outstanding designs using high quality, naturally derived materials Our strength lies in out Technical and Production team who are adapted with designing beautiful products that require skilled craftsmanship.
Our products have achieved a distinct mark of excellence for the world market.Authentic Handmade Reproduction and Replicas of Antique furniture from 18th and 19th century in solid wood and also with Veneer based and InlaidsThe company’s products are catering to all those who love Old world craftsmanship and Collectibles at much affordable price from all classes of the society Our craftsmanship and designs are there to satisfy the stringent needs of the most demanding customers by understanding and adding value – both real and perceived – to basic products and services. We spend extra time and effort to monitor every minute details during production to make the product unique. Each Handmade product cannot be identical to one another. As each piece is individually hand-crafted by skilled wood carvers, blacksmiths and painters. It is our endeavor/ commitment to preserve the rich heritage of Old world of finely hand-crafted Decorative Accessories and Furniture and bring them back to life again
The Company has established its manufacturing in Asia which has a tradition to adhere to the past employing about 2500 families of skilled craftsman
Company’s goal is very simple, to make the finest reproduction and do it in the fashion of old world craftsmanship. In all our products, one can find one common thread, the Authentic piece which brings back the romance of the days gone by. Everyone longs for a break from the fast paced High tech environment of modern world. However, it is our endeavor to offer works of Art with low tech ancient craft techniques to balance a high tech environment. All these ingredients work together effortlessly with a natural sophistication that transcends the whims of fashion as well as being ecologically friendly.
We are committed to simplicity, matural materials, old world craftsmanship and individuality.