How to make boatwood timber finish?

How to make boatwood timber finish?

someone often ask us what the product is? why do you use that idea?

easy, we are a recycled boat  furniture Producer, that’s our job as a producer of furniture, that is our creativity, and that’s what we support the world as where to use eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly. this go green!

Starting from an inspiration from the sea dirt, waste shipwreck that occurred in our country, then we buy the waste from fishing boats, we pour in the draft and design in our mind, the end result is furniture products. boat furniture is recycled.

how difficult our step to create it?
begins with the gathering of raw materials, clean dirt, mud sea, shells attached to wood, nails digging deep in the wood, we were then cleaned and prepared to make it as raw material for furniture.
damage fishing boats_10Materials Close Up_Small Pieces

after that we mapped in size in all of the design on the draft,
memotomng them into component materials already on the size of each bagiannya.tidak no easy here.

Unreleased Irons and Screws from Boat Woodscomponents have been prepared, forwarded to begin assembly.
all materials will be our raft with care to pursue great results, with the construction and sticking to glue each piece and give their couplers to produce a very strong product. to be a finished product, like this.

asembling process

finishing process

where the process is most important to reveal them to be luxury products and high merseni, with a touch of natural texture and corrosion re wood we strengthen back here. tetepi our clien many who want to make different finishing, dark natural, blackwash, whitewash and also unfinished.

not many furniture craftsmen who are able to make these products as we, as ketrampilah someone is needed to make recycled furniture boatwood.

finishing process of boatwood finished

now, it is best to leave these matters to us, buy this product from us soon. Please Contact Us