Old Window Shutters For Your Resort Style


Old Window Shutters For Your Resort Style , get the best rate by Gogreen Multitrading Furniture, is Indonesian premium furniture manufacturer and export trading company, based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. we are manufacturer of product old window shutters based in jepara indonesia.


what is the Modern function of the windows shutters?

1. Original Old windows shutters for wall decor.

This is an example of an architecture design Potato head – Bali.
they highlight the unique impression his use of recycled teak shutters for wall decoration covering almost half of  the wall.


original old windows shutters for outdoor wall decors

original old windows shutters for indoor wall decors

original old windows shutters for indoor wall decors

2. Original Old windows shutters for Roof Decor.

same as that used by potato head cafe Bali, in the Rooms they uses Original Old windows shutters to cover their roof, then put the ornaments on the roof.

old windows shutters for roof

old windows shutters for roof

3. Original Old windows shutters for Indoor Furniture.

Recycled Teak Shutters can be used also to create a unique and ancient furniture using recycled teak shutters on
some sides of the furniture. The following will be seen full of exoticism.

 chairs recycled teak shutters

chairs recycled teak shutters

4. Windows Shutters custom made with reclaimed woods.

The following are the types of windows we make a new shutter which uses reclaimed woods, this time you can customize the design or construction of your layout to use ornate windows shutters. with new windows make it very possible for those of you who want to unify the feel of your room, according to the same size, same color finishing and can be made as whatever you want.

wall shutters-cafee

all of these  windows shutters functions packaging, we are very experienced in this field decades,has supported 125
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